APSA 2017, Job Market Edition


Heading to ‘Frisco for APSA this week.1 Not much planned save for flurry of job market interviews and meetings with old colleagues, advisors, and friends. To be sure, I planned this trip not without some degree of trepidation. It’s a lot of money to plan for a conference and since I’m not presenting, I am ineligible for reimbursement within my department. Of course, I suspect this job market project is similar to nearly any field: new suit, flights, hotels, etc., etc., etc.

Time to get this whole find a job ball rolling.

  1. NB: I use this term ‘frisco’ not without some reservation as I know locals of San Francisco loath it with a fiery passion of a 1000 suns. But as a native of Southern California, I couldn’t resist. [return]
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