Letterhead Template for Pandoc


This is not a workflow post.

I don’t normally post about process or things related to my workflow because, having tried in the past, have concluded that it is more of a procrastination tactic than anything else. Even my post about switching to Hugo for webhosting was written for me rather than anyone else.

You don’t care about my workflow. You have your own. You don’t need to know how I produce what I do. I am violating this norm, such as it is, to place a marker down for me that I might use later.1

A quick and easy Pandoc letterhead

This letterhead has three files:

  1. The LaTeX template for Pandoc
  2. The makefile
  3. A markdown file

The rest is very straightforward for those who use Pandoc.

  1. So why post? I have been writing a lot of job applications this fall. And as such, I have been sending them out on letterhead. Trouble is, the university I currently work at restricts access to university letterhead for graduate students, and the options available are typographically problematic. So after some internet searching I came up with one that works, modified it for my current university and uploaded it as a repo on Github. [return]
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